Keeping your windshield clear of ice, snow, rain and other debris is important to safe driving. Changing your Bosch Wiper Blades regularly should be just another part of your normal vehicle maintenance routine!

How to Change Your Bosch Wiper Blades

Regularly maintaining and replacing your Bosch Wiper Blades will increase your vision and your driving safety.  Bosch Wiper Blades are engineered to the highest standards and are great replacement wiper blades for all your vehicles. Make inspecting and replacing your wiper blades a routine part of your vehicle maintenance procedures and you’ll be amazed at how clear your vision can be, even in the worst inclement weather.

  1. Working first from the driver side of the vehicle, lift the wiper arm and inspect the connection between the Bosch Wiper Blade and the blade arm. Bosch Wiper Blades come ready to use with both pin connector wiper arms and j-hook wiper arms.
  2. Undo the lock mechanism on your existing wiper blade.
  3. Now that the blade assembly is unlocked, remove it from the j-hook of the vehicle wiper arm. It’s possible your vehicle has a pin connector arm, and if this is the case use a screwdriver to wedge between the blade assembly and arm to release the pin connector. Then you can remove the blade assembly.
  4. Pull the new Bosch Wiper Blade onto the j-hook, remembering to refasten the locking mechanism at this time. If your vehicle has one of the pin connector arms, you need to align the pin with the appropriate hole of the Bosch Wiper Blade assembly and push the pin assembly ont0 the pin.
  5. That’s it. Lower the blade assembly back onto the windshield and repeat the process on the passenger side.

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